Information for visitors and for those moving to town

Town hall is situated in the centre of Nivala at Kalliontie 15 and provides the following services:

Ground floor

  • Information.Brochures.Citizen’s Office Services.
  • Central Administration
  • Financial Office
  • Social Services Office
  • Agricultural Departmentand farmers’ substitute services

Upper floor

  • Educational and Cultural Section
  • Citizen Institute Office
  • Child Day Care Office
  • Technical Department
  • Catering and Cleaning Services Administration
  • Environment Secretary
  • Town Gardener
  • Debt Counselling
  • Reception Room of Legal Aid Office

Public services:

Rental Apartments in Nivala can be found at the office of Kiinteistö OY Nivalan Vuokrakodit, Kalliontie 18, upper floor, and on the web site: -> Briefly in English.On the web site contact information about real estate agents, apartments for rent and sale, along with land lots can be found.The technical department in the Town hall also provides information about land lots for sale -> Muuttaja ja rakentaja -> Tontit.

TE-Office’s (Employment and Economic Development Office) basic services available in Nivala through the Citizen’s Office at the Town hall, Kalliontie 15.The nearest TE-Offices (TE-toimisto) are located in Haapajärvi, Puistokatu 39, and in Ylivieska, Valtakatu 4.Pohjois-Pohjanmaan TE-toimisto, Employment and Economic Development Office of Northern Ostrobothnia> Paikalliset TE-palvelut (Local TE-Office Services) -> Pohjois-Pohjanmaan TE-toimisto.Information in English: -> Työnhakijan palvelut -> Esitteet, broschyrer, brochures.

Information in English.

Brochures in English.

KELA – Kansaneläkelaitos, The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Nivala office, Kalliontie 18.Web site: -> In English -> Local Offices -> Customer Service Locator -> Select city/town -> Nivala, and -> In English.Kela brochures in English: -> In English -> About Kela -> Publications -> Brochures.

Jokilaaksot Police Department, service point in Nivala, Kalliontie 32. Jokilaaksojen poliisilaitos and Finnish Police

Jokilaaksot Tax Office, Jokilaaksojen verotoimisto.The nearest tax offices are located in Ylivieska, Valtakatu 4 and Haapajärvi (tue), Puistokatu 39.Web site:> InEnglish -> Contact information -> Local Tax Offices.

Pohjois-Suomen maistraatti, Local Register Office of Northern Finland, Ylivieska unit at: Valtakatu 4, floor number 3. Unit’s service area: Alavieska, Haapajärvi, Haapavesi, Kalajoki, Kärsämäki, Nivala, Pyhäjärvi, Reisjärvi, Sievi and Ylivieska.

Nivala Industrial Park Ltd Nivalan Teollisuuskylä Oy and Nivala Technology Centre, Pajatie 5.Nihak Oy, regional development organization, businessdevelopment services, Pajatie 5 -> English.

Nihak Oy, regional development organization, business development services, Pajatie 5.

Nivalan Kaukolämpö Oy KAUKO, hybrid district heating plant, Veikonväylä 1.

Nivalan Vesihuolto Oy, water supply and sewerage, office at Vesitie 5.

Belvedere Mining Oy - Hitura, nickel mine, Kummuntie 8.

Jokilaaksot rescue department, fire station in Nivala, Kalliontie 55, Jokilaaksojen pelastuslaitos -> Toiminta-alueen esittely -> Paloasemat -> Nivala.


Health care centre and inpatient ward, Nivalan terveyskeskus Pappilantie 1.

Child day care office, Town hall, Kalliontie 15, upper floor.There are seven child day care centres in Nivala.

Dentist, Pappilantie 1 and Kalliontie 20.

Homes for the elderly, Vapaudentie 35, Raivaajantie 12, Niittytie 13-15 and Kalliosaarentie 11.

Save the Children, Finland, Pelastakaa Lapset ry, local association in Nivala.An NGO providing aid and welfare for children.

Red Cross, Punainen Risti, local association in Nivala.

Oulu South Region, Oulun Eteläinen> English.Information about regional opportunities for studying, enterprising, research and development in the southern area of Northern Ostrobothnia.Regional news.

SettinettiInformation centre at Internet of the youth in Oulu South region (in the southern area of Northern Ostrobothnia).

Immigrant guidance and counselling.Nivala office at Pajatie 5, Nitek Building, floor number 3. (Immigrant representation startup project.)

Infobank, Infopankki. Basic information for immigrants and foreigners on the functioning of society and opportunities in Finland. Gateway to public services in Finland.

A “window” on Finland for everyone interestedin the country, culture and people (published by The Finland Promotion Board).

Services of school and education:

School office, Educational and cultural section / Town hall, Kalliontie 15, upper floor.

In the Nivala area there are 12 comprehensive schools with over 1500 pupils.In the surrounding villages there are ten lower-stage comprehensive schools, classes 1-6 each.Two schools are located in the town centre: Kyösti Kallio School, a lower-stage comprehensive school with classes 1-6 and a section of classes in special teaching, address of Tarhinkuja 4, and the Niva-Kaija School, address Kalliontie 47, is an upper-stage comprehensive school with classes 7-9.

Contacts about comprehensive schools in Nivala.

The Nivala High School / Nivala Upper Secondary School(lukio) has 170 pupils and is in the town centre, address of Peltotie 2.The high school is part of the Northern Ostrobothnian high school system which offers online courses (Etälukio).

Vocational College Nivalan ammattiopisto – NAO, in Nivala address: Maliskyläntie 2, is the vocational college operating in Nivala and Pyhäjärvi.> In English.In the NAO a double certificate can be taken in cooperation with the Upper Secondary School / High School (lukio) in Nivala.There are about 900 students in the college including the adult students.The NAO belongs to the JEDU Federation of Education in the Jokilaaksot area, which consists of seven vocational colleges in the area including the adult education.Education guide in English: -> English -> JEDU in English.Fields of study are:

  • ·Vehichle technology and logistics
  • ·Catering, restaurants, and hotel industry
  • ·Cosmetology and hairdressing
  • ·Construction / Stone Builder: at Laitisentie 6, Pyhäsalmi in Pyhäjärvi
  • ·Arts, crafts and design, artisan: at Toritie 15, Nivala
  • ·Metalwork and machinery: at Maliskyläntie 2, Nivala, and at Laitisentie 6, Pyhäsalmi in Pyhäjärvi
  • ·Timber industry / Joinery
  • ·House technique / Heating, plumbing and ventilation
  • ·Construction / Builder
  • ·Electrical engineering / Electrician, ICT technician
  • ·Education for adults Nivalan ammattiopisto.

Musical Insitute Jokilaaksojen musiikkiopisto, office in the upper floor at Vesitie 5.Courses in Nivala are kept in the library building, the Keskustie entrance. The musical institute is operating in seven localities: Haapajärvi, Haapavesi, Kärsämäki, Merijärvi, Nivala, Oulainen, Pyhäjärvi.Offering instruction in music as follows:

  • ·Basic level of music
  • ·Level of musical institute
  • ·Section for adults
  • ·Open section
  • ·Music instruction for children in early age

Dance institute Uusikuu offers basic dance courses for all ages.Courses are also offered through the citizen institute Jokilatvan opisto and the musical institute Jokilaaksojen musiikkiopisto’s main office is located in Pyhäsalmi, Palotie 1, in Pyhäjärvi.The dance institute operates in seven localities: Haapajärvi, Kärsämäki, Nivala, Pyhäjärvi, Reisjärvi, Sievi and Ylivieska.

Oulun Eteläisen Instituutti, Oulu Southern Institute, the regional unit of Oulu University is located in Nivala at Pajatie 5, Nitek Building.The purpose of the unit is to promote academicresearch, education and regional development within the region and to foster the growth and development of industry and commerce.Founded in Nivala in 2000.

Oulu Southern Institute is administrated by the Kerttu Saalasti Foundation.Kerttu Saalasti was president Kyösti Kallio’s daughter who lived from 1907 until 1995.During her life time she served as a parliament member (1948-1961 and 1966-1969), a Secretary of Education (1954-1956 and 1957), and a Counselor of Education.During the years as a secretary of Education she contributed to the establishment of the University of Oulu, which was founded in 1958.

Centre for Adult Education and Apprenticeship of the Federation of Education in the Jokilaaksot area, Jokilaaksojen koulutuskuntayhtymä shortened into: JEDU. Offices at Peltotie 9 in Nivala (main office) and Teollisuustie 2 in Haapavesi.The JEDU consists of seven vocational colleges located in the southern area of Northern Ostrobothnia. Review the web sites about the commencing adult education in the region, including international courses at

Supply of courses in Finnish language and integration arranged in Finland for immigrants through the TE-Office, Employment and Economic Development Office. -> Työvoimakoulutukset ja Koulutusvahti -> Ammattiala -> Maahanmuuttajakoulutukset (Immigrant education).International courses and education for adults in the region are arranged also through the JEDU

Haapaveden opisto, Folk High School in Haapavesi, Vanhatie 45.Immigrant education and multicultural work, e.g. courses in Finnish language and culture for immigrants, education in multicultural issues, events, preparatory education for professional basic education for immigrants.Review also Haapaveden opisto.

Courses in Finnish language and Finnish language phonetics for foreigners at the Jokilatvan opisto citizen institute in Haapajärvi, Nivala and Pyhäjärvi.

Congregations and religious movements:

*Nivala Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, parish office at Vapaudentie 3 -> Nivala Congregation in English.Nivala parish with about 10 300 members belongs to Oulu Diocese in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.The Congregation house is located at Vapaudentie 3 the church where worship services are held on Sundays at 10 a.m.Information about worship services and events in the Nivala Evangelical Lutheran Congregation can be found in local newspapers or at -> Kirkolliset ilmoitukset.There are two state churches in Finland, the Evangelical Lutheran and the Finnish Orthodox.Information in English about the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland at -> In English.Lutheran movements within the Church and congregation in Nivala:

Nivala parish with about 10 300 members belongs to Oulu Diocese in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

The Congregation house is located at Vapaudentie 3, near the church where worship services are held on Sundays at 10 a.m.

Information about worship services and events in the Nivala Evangelical Lutheran Congregation can be found in local newspapers.

There are two state churches in Finland, the Evangelical Lutheran and the Finnish Orthodox.Information in English about the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland .

-Pietist movement, Herättäjäyhdistys, Nivala district department in the Central Ostrobothnia. Seuratupa, Seuratie 10.

-Laestadian Lutheran Congregation in Nivala, Nivalan Rauhanyhdistys, Kotihaantie.

-Laestadian Reawakening, Lestadiolainen Uusheräys.Information about events in Nivala in the local newspaper.

*Orthodox Congregation. Nivala belongs to the operating area of Kiuruvesi Orthodox Parish and Oulu Diocese in the Finnish Orthodox Church; the Finnish Orthodox Church belongs to the Patriarchate of Constantinople.Until the middle of the twentieth century the Orthodox Church in Finland was called as the Greek-Catholic Church.The Nivala Orthodox Church is located at Karvoskylä village at Jokikyläntie 7, about 15 km from Nivala town centre.Information about orthodox worship services and events in the area of Kiuruvesi Orthodox Parish

Information in English about the Finnish Orthodox Churc.

*Nivala Pentecostal Congregation, Nivalan Helluntaiseurakunta, Lisäkuja 1.

*Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jehovan todistajat, Nivala local department.Congregation Hall (Valtakunnansali) in Oksava, Maununmaantie 6, in Haapajärvi, about 19 km from Nivala.

*Nivala Free Congregation, Nivalan Vapaaseurakunta, Pidisjärventie 8.

Political division of the Town Council (35 members) in Nivala between 2013-2016:

  • ·Center Party in Finland (23 members)Suomen Keskusta
  • ·Coalition Party (4 members)Kokoomus
  • ·The Finns (3 members)Perussuomalaiset
  • ·Social Democrats (3 members)Sosiaalidemokraatit
  • ·Left Alliance (1 member)Vasemmistoliitto
  • ·Christian Democrats in Finland (1 member)Suomen Kristillisdemokraatit