Museums and other sights


Kyösti ja Kalervo Kallion museo, Kyösti and Kalervo Kallio Museum, Ruojantie 11.The museum represents lifework of Kyösti Kallio (1873-1940), president of Finland, along with the work of his sculptor son Kalervo Kallio (1909-1969).

Kyösti Kallio (formerly known as Gustaf Kalliokangas) was peasant, a promoter of the national self esteem and cooperation.He was born on the 10 of April in 1873 in Ylivieska and was the third of 12 children.His father was a farmer and a local prominent politician.At the age of 12 he moved from home, attended school, and later attended secondary school in the Oulun Lyseo.At the age of 22 he moved to Nivala to became a farmer.In 1904 Kyösti Kallio was elected as a member of the Estate of Peasantry to the Diet of Finland the legislative assembly Finland, serving from 1904 until 1937.In 1937 he was elected as the fourth Finnish president.During his presidency from 1937 until 1940, some of the most tragic events in Finnish history happened, such as the Winter War, beginning in 1939.In 1940 Kyösti Kallio resigned from his duties due to his health.On 19 December 1940, while attending farewell ceremonies at the Helsinki railway Station, Kyösti Kallio collapsed and died in the arms of his adjutant, in front of the company of honour and in the presence of Marshall C. G. E. Mannerheim.Kallio had been attempting to travel home to his farm in Nivala.

President’s son Kalervo Kallio was a sculptor with over 400 pieces of art.He became known from his portraits that he sculpted in large numbers in and outside of Finland.

Kotiseutumuseo Katvala, Katvala Museum of local history and culture, Katvalantie 4.The Association of Local History and Culture, Nivala-Seura, stores, preserves and displays, in Katvala objects from different periods associated with life in Nivala.As museum of local history and culture, Katvala has specialized in agriculture, cattle care, tar burning and funeral traditions.On the Katvala museum grounds, Nivala’s summer theatre takes place.

TillarigalleriaArt Gallery andGallery for Exhibitions, Kalliontie 23 (in the basement of the library).In conjunction with the Tillarigalleria the workroom museum of Kyösti Wilkuna (1879-1922), author from Nivala, can be found.Kyösti Wilkuna describes the historical past in his production, consisting of short stories, novels and plays.

Statues and memorials:

Statue: “Tillaripatsas”, The Milk maid, is located in the town centre, paying homage to women living in the countryside sculpted by Miina Äkkijyrkkä.The statue was unveiled in 1984.

Statue: “Kylväjäpatsas”, The Sower, sculpted by Risto Saalasti, sits in front of the Town hall, Kalliontie 15.The statue was unveiled in 1986.

Statue of heroes”: sculpted by Kalervo Kallio, the Military cemetery of Nivala Church, Kirkkotie.“Statue of heroes” is a memorial of Winter and Continuation War (1939-1940 and 1941-1944 between the Soviet Union and Finland).The statue describes a family whose father is going to war. It was unveiled in 1960.


Memorial of the fallen in the Civil War in 1918 at the military cemetery of Nivala Church, Kirkkotie.A relief by sculptor Emil Wikström in 1918 about a soldier praying on his knees.

Grave monument by sculptor Kalervo Kallio, for his parents Kyösti and Kaisa Kallio, at the Church yard, Kirkkotie.The monument was unveiled in 1949.

Memorial of those who remained in Karelia (present territory of the Federation of Russia) sculpted by Kalervo Kallio.It describes the Karelian Coat of Arms and the crosses of both religions, Lutheran and Orthodox, within each other.The memorial was unveiled in 1966.

The prosperity erected in 2009 a memorial stone to the victims of hunger 1867-1868.The memorial is located at the Nivala Church yard, Kirkkotie, and is designed by Riitta Latvala-Erkkilä, working as teacher in arts.

Memorial Cannons and Memorial Plate, were placed in 2004 next to the Malisjoki river in the town centre at the Meijeripuisto Park, dedicated to the men of Nivala who participated in the war, serving in the artillery troops.

A three-edged stone slab by the road Kirkkotie describes the past three wars waged in Finland.The memorial is by sculptor Risto Saalasti and it was unveiled in 1987.

Memorial of the Soviet prisoners of war buried in Raudaskylä, Ylivieska, about 15 km from Nivala.This is a burial place for 92 Soviet prisoners of war. (prisoner-of-war hospital).

Other sights:

Nivala Church, Kirkkotie Evangelical Lutheran Church in Nivala was built in 1803.Its tower functions as a landmark for those coming in town.> Esittelyt englannin, saksan ja ruotsin kielellä (Presentation in English, German and Swedish languages).On the church’ porch a text reads: “Built during the reign of Gustaf Adolf the Fourth, King of Sweden, 1803.Regenerated to the contemporary during the reign of Alexander the Second, Czar of Russia, 1874.”(Translation.)The church can seat about 600 people.Information about the Lutheran chapels-of-ease in Nivala can be reviewed at: (Maliskylä, Järvikylä, Karvoskylä and the New Cemetery).

Water storage tower (vesitorni), at the town centre, servs as a lookout spot in the summer during the Nivala-Week and other times on request.The tower offers a splendid view over the town and environment.Located on the tower there is the Nivala Coat of Arms – a wooden gate (rinki) of golden colour on green bottom.The emblem was designed by sculptor Kalervo Kallio in 1965, portraying the agrarian character of Nivala.The altitude of the tower is 36 metres.

Birdwatching tower (lintutorni) at Erkkisjärven rantatie, about 8 km from the Nivala town centre.The tower is located at the Lake Erkkisjärvi near the Erkkilä School, address of Erkkiläntie 132. Driving directions: from the centre towards Kärsämäki about 6 km, where the sign-post leads to Erkkiläntie road.

In the Town hall pieces of art are placed on both floors – crafts, miniatures, drawings and paintings.

Guided tours in Nivala for the groups by Nivala-Seura, association of local history and culture.Guided tours are available for the groups.An example duration of a museum tour (museokierros) is about 2,5 hours.Inquiries at Nivala-Seura -> Matkailupaketit.