Services for leisure


Nivalan kaupunginkirjasto, Kalliontie 21.Nivala’s town library offers internet, listening to music, reading newspapers and magazines in the reading room, along with facilities for independent studying.The library also offers “Satutuokio” – a moment for fairy-tails for children, and a literature circle for adults.Found in the basement of the library is the Tillari art gallery.There is also a mobile library bus circulating in surrounding villages of Nivala on timed schedule.The library catalogue “Tiekkö is in use within seven local libraries (Alavieska, Kalajoki, Merijärvi, Nivala, Oulainen, Sievi and Ylivieska).Brochure in English.

Jokilatvan opisto, Citizen Institute,is functioning within four local districts: Haapajärvi, Nivala, Pyhäjärvi and Reisjärvi.The Institute’s office in Nivala is situated at Kalliontie 15, Town Hall, upper floor.The main importance in teaching is attached in the field of skills and of art.The citizen institute provides courses for all ages.


Sports and physical exercise:

Nivalan liikuntakeskus, Nivala Sports Centre, answers for services in sports and physical exercise in Nivala.On the following web sites you can find information about services in physical exercise, locations for sports, sports events and activities ofsports e.g.

Sports societies:

Review sports societies also at -> Asukas -> Kulttuuri- ja nuorisopalvelut -> Järjestöt ja yhdistykset (under the title ”Liikunta, Urheilu, Kuntoilu, Retkeily, Metsästys”), e.g.

At these web sites can also be found contact information (under the title “Kotiseutu, Kansalaistoiminta”) about societes with sportingfacilities for their own members, e.g. Parkinson association, association for the retired, heart association, physically disabled, veterans, diabetes association, association of mental health, cancer association and association for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Areas for sports and recreation:

Uikko, Kalliontie 59. The swimming centre offers facilities of recreation on the level of baths and a 25-metre-pool, a 40 metre waterslide, a children’s pool, a hydro therapy pool and a cold water pool.In the basement a gym is available.

Nivalan Jäähalli, Kalliontie 57.In the ice rink sports events are arranged all year round.Shifts are available for sporting societies, other organizations, and for the public.In the summer musical events are performed in the ice stadium.

Skateboard park is situated near the ice stadium (Kalliontie 57).The tennis court beside the ice stadium is available in the summer.

Nivalan Seudun Golf, Ravitie 60.The golf course is a full-length golf course of 18 holes.Golf society in Nivala was founded in 1999 and has about 750 members.

Close to the golf course there is a trotting track by the road Ravitie.

Tuiskula sports field and activity house, Tuiskutie 2http://www.nivalanurheilijat.fiand -> English -> Services for physical exercise -> Places of sports-> Tuiskula sports field.

Kuntokeskus Strongs, Ruojantie 40 Fitnesscentre, gym and solarium.

Pyssymäki outdoor recreation area, Pyssymäentie 195, six km from Nivala centre towards the town Sievi, sign-post leading to Pyssymäki, and the nature path Kivenhakkaajan luontopolku (Stonecutter’s nature path) on the other side of the Lake Pidisjärvi at Korpiranta, about four km from the centre.Along the nature path it is possible to choose among paths between 1,1 km and 3,0 km.Parking places can be found e.g. on the school yard of Järvikylä school, Antteroisenkuja 2A, at the road Järvikyläntie, or opposite to the school across the road.

On the Pyssymäki area for sports and recreation there is a shooting ground, Pyssymäentie 85, jogging paths and illuminated tracks for cross country skiing, Pyssymäentie 195.

One track for cross country skiing, leading to the Aurinkolatu (Sun track), starts by the Kyösti Kallio School, Tarhinkuja 4, in the town centre.Another track for cross country skiing has been constructed in the golf course area, Ravitie 60.

On the sporting area Hiitola, about five km from the town centre, sign-post at Sarjankyläntie 27, there are jogging paths and illuminated tracks for cross country skiing.


Various kinds of events in Nivala can be found at internet through

*Calendar of events

*Exhibitions at Tillari art gallery

*Events in sports and physical exercise.Review theCalendar of events(under the title “Urheilu & liikunta”) and (under the title “Ajankohtaista”).

*Web sites of the youth services in Nivala.

Review events and advertisement in the newspapers: *Nivala-lehti, local newspaper, pages “Allakka” (Calendar) and “Seurakunnat” (Congregations), columns “Muistio“ (Memo) and “Viikon menot” (Goings-on of the week)
*Kallion seutu, Kalajokilaakso, Maaselkä, Sieviläinen, Haapavesi-lehti andSelänne-lehti, regional newspapers.

Events and activities for the youth and adults:

Familycafé”, Kalliontie 22, is arranged by Mannerheim League for Child welfare and MLL – Mannerheimin lastensuojeluliitto, local department in Nivala.

Youth organizations and associations.Review the web sites:* -> Asukas -> Kulttuuri- ja nuorisopalvelut (contact information under the title “Yhteystiedot ja toimipaikat”) and * -> Asukas -> Kulttuuri- ja nuorisopalvelut -> Järjestöt ja yhdistykset (under the title “Taide, nuoret, kulttuuri”), e.g. scouts in Nivala (Nivalan Partio) and 4H-Club circles (4H-yhdistys Nivala)

Youth workby Nivala Evangelical Lutheran Congregation

Labour house Kineva, Ammattikuja 2.Events for the youth and other events: youth disco, bingo, dancing, film presentations, political and non-political activities.

Nuorisoseurantalo (also named as Rientola), Olkkosentie 14 atthe road Pidisjärventie.Events and activities: dancing, theatre performances, festive occasions, and sales.

Nuorisoseurantalo “Liittola”, Maliskyläntie 989, about 12 km from the town centre.Events and activities: festive and other occasions.

Family and adult workby Nivala Evangelical Lutheran Congregation

Cultural associations including choirs in Nivala (under the title ”Kotiseutu, Kansalaistoiminta”), e.g.

  • Male choir (Nivalan Mieslaulajat)
  • Mixed choir (Nivalan Sekakuoro)
  • Oratorial choir (Jokilaaksojen oratoriokuoro)
  • Children’s choir of Nivala Evangelical Lutheran Congregation (Seurakunnan lapsikuoro)
  • Music institute Children’s Choir and Citizen institute (Lapsikuoro Priimat)
  • Choir of hymns (Nivalan Virsikuoro) of the citizen institute
  • Gospel choir (Gospelkuoro Pisara)
  • Choir of the retired (Eläkeläisten kuoro)
  • Orthodox church choir (Ortodoksinen kirkkokuoro) of the citizen institute
  • Association of local history and culture (Nivala-Seura)
  • Karelian association in Nivala (Nivalan Karjalaseura)
  • Volunteer fire brigade (Nivalan Vapaapalokunta)
  • Musical band (Nivalan Pelimannit)
  • Brass orchestra (Nivalan Puhallinorkesteri)
  • Radio amateurs (Laaksojen radioamatöörit)